Whole/Half/Quarter Hog

Choose a whole (approx. 120 pounds), half (approx. 60 pounds), or 1/4 (25 pounds) Hog. You will have a choice of 2 butchering options- one with more larger cuts and roasts, with less sausage, and one with smaller cuts/fewer roasts, and more more sausage.  You'll get to choose which sausage flavors you get.  We can accommodate some special butchering requests- special roasts, or some boneless options-prices may vary depending on the cuts you choose.

Pay a deposit to reserve your animal, and pay the remaining balance upon pick-up. Final price and pounds will vary according on individual animal size.

1/4 hog option- 25 Pound box of our most popular items. 

Whole Hog: $7.65/pound, $200 deposit.  A 15% savings!

Half Hog: $8.10/pound, $100 deposit.  A 10% savings!

1/4 Hog: $8.55/pound, $50 deposit.  A 5% savings!

Available: 2
Available: 2
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