CSA Sizes & Cuts

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Share Types and Amounts

Cut Up Chicken- 

We offer three different size options:

  • 2 breasts, 2 legs, 6 wings per month
  • 4 breasts, 4 legs, 12 wings per month 
  • 6 breasts, 6 legs, 18 wings per month


Chicken Only-

We offer three different whole chicken only shares:

  • 3 whole chickens per month
  • 4 whole chickens per month
  • 5 whole chickens per month

Average bird size is 4 pounds. 

Chicken & Pork-

There are three different share size options for chicken & pork:

  • 1 whole chicken & 4 pounds of pork per month
  • 2 whole chicken & 8 pounds of pork per month
  • 3 whole chicken & 12 pounds of pork per month

You will receive an equal amount of various pork cuts/sausage and whole chicken. 


Free Range Eggs- Soy Free-

  • 2 dozen pastured eggs per month is the base share.  You can increase this share size to receive up to 12 dozen eggs per month.



Add-On Shares

We offer a variety of options that you can add onto an existing chicken or chicken and pork CSA share.


  • Get 1lb of our nitrate free, thick cut bacon each month.  Bacon sells out fast at market, but CSA members get priority!  You must have a regular meat share to choose this option. 

    Choose one for 1lb a month, two for 2lb a month.

Whole Chicken:

Need extra chicken?  Add a whole, extra chicken to a main meat share.

Cut Up Chicken:

Ypu can add extra cut up chicken to a main meat share.  Receive 2 breasts, and 2 legs each month.


Receive one pack (approximately 1 pound) of sausage each month.  Choose either a variety of flavors (the default), or tells us you'd like a single flavor.  Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Garlic, Chorizo, Bratwurst, Maple Breakfast, and Sage.

Whole Duck:

Add one whole duck each month, a delicious winter treat, to a main meat share.



Types of Cuts

We will keep track of what you receive in each monthly share to ensure you receive a balanced representation of the various cuts we offer.


Chicken-  Frozen whole chicken, or chicken breasts, legs, and wings.

Pork- Chops, ribs, roasts, stew cubes, 5 types of sausage, ground pork, hocks

Lamb- Chops, stew cubes, shoulder and leg roasts, riblets, ground