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Home Delivery & Chester Weekend

Posted 2/6/2020 3:54pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All-

As you may have guessed, we are now offering home delivery for online orders!  Our goal with this service is to make it more convenient for you to get our meat, eggs, and mushrooms.  

We realized the combination of limited drop off time/dates and the very busy lives folks lead these days, meant that many people couldn't make our limited drop off times during the winter.  You're still welcome to come to the farm during the week or weekends, we'd love that, though I imagine most don't have that kind of spare time to visit on a regular basis...

So, if you can't come to us, we'll come to you!


Here's how it works:

  1. Place an order online- it's best to use our online store so you can see what we have in stock and what the products look like.
  2. Pick a location- this can either be a centralized drop off location with a set date and time, or choose home delivery.
  3. Check out online and pay with a credit/debit card, or pay when you pick up.
  4. For home delivery, we'll be in touch with you to set a date and time frame.  Delivery within a week of ordering.
  5. Done!


What if you're not going to be home?  No problem at all, simply leave a cooler out for us, and we'll drop your order in there.  You can leave a check for us in the cooler if you don't want to pay online.

What are the fees?  Delivery fees are based on the distance from the farm.  We're not Amazon (thank God!), so we do have to offset our costs for this service a little bit...


Is there a minimum order?  No- though this might change.  We won't require a minimum order for starters.  Keep in mind there is a delivery fee involved: if you want to pay us $10 to deliver 1 dozen eggs, I suppose that's up to you ;)


Will you still do the central drop offs like before?  Yes- We've set the date and times for these on our website.  This is a cheaper option compared to home delivery- plus we get to chit chat when you pick up!


It's a new service for us, so feel free to give us feed back or ask any questions you might have, we're learning too!


We are also currently updating our monthly subscription (formerly our "CSA") to include home delivery and automatic monthly payments.  More on that to follow in the coming weeks.

There is a Chester delivery this coming Sunday, February 9th, from 11-Noon.  Please get your orders in 24 hours before so we have plenty of time to pack. Chicken, lamb, duckpork, and eggs are in stock.  Sorry, no mushrooms until the Spring.


Thanks and hope to see you soon!


Ryan & Liz


ps- I can't believe it's February already!


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