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Farm Happenings And Chester Delivery

Posted 11/22/2019 5:50pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi Folks,

Cold, wet, and windy days like today is the perfect time to think back on the heady days of summer, when the grass is 2 feet long, the days are warm, and the sun doesn't set at 4:30!  In the season of Thanksgiving, I'm thankful that the sun will come back soon!!


Busy times on the farm, as usual, but Fall and Winter is the time that we can also get some things done that we have been on our personal list for far too long: Ryan has been clearing his woodworking shop, getting ready for a big table top (6 of them!) job he was just commissioned to do, the newly leaking bathtub pushed the bathroom renovation to the top of the list, and we're hoping to finally insulate the attic- the joys of living in a 220 year old stone house...

It's the last weekend for the Stroudsburg market, which runs from 8-Noon on Saturday.  After this weekend, it moves indoors to the Renegade Winery, a few blocks over from the outdoor market. from 9am-Noon, and that market runs until late December.

There is a Chester a la carte delivery this coming Sunday, 11-Noon, so be sure to get your Thanksgiving gooding ordered- sausage for making starters or stuffing, pork belly, bacon for wrapping the turkey in, roasting duck if you think a huge Turkey is silly (you're not alone!). 


Have a great Thanksgiving!

Ryan & Liz

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