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Al La Carte South Orange & Madison

Posted 7/24/2019 7:02pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All-

We can breath a sigh of relief now that that heat wave has jogged on!  Working outside in 95 degree heat makes me long for the days of working inside in the AC.  The animals faired well- we made sure everyone had access to full shade, plenty of water, and we hosed the pigs down a few times a day to keep them cool and happy.  The farmers did OK too- get the work done early and late in the day, a quick (or very long...) siesta, catch up on inside work on the house.

Our egg production did drop quite a bit- can you blame them?- but the girls are on the rebound now that things cooled down to reasonable temperatures.

We have our monthly order drop offs to South Orange (11-Noon) and Madison (12:30-1:30) this coming Sunday, July 28th.  We do still have all cuts of lamb in stock, as well as a wider variety of mushrooms available, so be sure to check out the online store's inventory.

Our weekly markets at Stroudsburg, PA on Saturday, and Chester, NJ on Sunday are going strong & we had great turnouts despite the heat wave last week- thanks to all those who braved the heat to support local agriculture!!!

Ryan & Liz

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