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Lamb Back In Stock!

Posted 7/5/2019 8:11pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All-

Just a quick email update before I go stand in the walk in refrigerator with a beer to cool off for a bit- its been brutal this week!

We just picked up a batch of lamb from the butcher, including a round of custom recipe garlic and rosemary sausage- made with organically grown garlic and rosemary from our friends at Genesis Farm in Blairstown!  

100% grass fed, no grain ever, for a clean non-greasy taste, super tender and flavorful.  We have all the usual cuts- loin and rib chops, leg roasts, stew meat, plain ground- and some hard to find cuts- full racks of lamb spare ribs, and shoulder roasts.

The mushrooms are growing like mad- the shiitakes love the heat, and have produced a beautiful crop this week.  We also have lots of lions mane, and a new variety of pink oyster mushroom this week.

Finish out the holiday weekend strong with a trip to your local farmer's market!

We'll be at Stroudsburg market this Saturday, 8am-Noon, then over to Chester, NJ this Sunday from 10am-2pm.


Ryan & Liz

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