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South Orange & Madison This Sunday

Posted 3/7/2019 6:14pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

Thinking Spring thoughts (and looking at the weather forecast...), helps get me over this last round of 7" of snow & plowing & ice.  I did learn my lesson from the last 3" to fully plow the driveway- the last one only melted half way then re-froze into a 2" sheet of ice.  Not so much fun as I slid off the car off the driveway onto the front lawn...March has a funny way of remind me every year that winter isn't quite over!

But- the next few weeks will also remind me that Spring is really just around the corner.  The first batch of chicks arrive, lambing begins, our sow is due to farrow (a fancy farmer word for pigs giving birth- your next scrabble word!), mushrooms logs will be cut and inoculated, maple trees will be tapped for syrup making.  The layers are starting to ramp up egg production too, as the daylight increases- we're up to 100 a day on average & are aiming for 180 a day during the peak summer season!

We have our monthly South orange delivery this coming Sunday, March 10th from 11-Noon, then on to Madison from 12:30-1:30pm. Eggs, chicken, lamb, and pork are all in stock.

See you soon!

Ryan & Liz

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