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Pork Back In Stock!

Posted 11/10/2018 12:17pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi Locavores,

If you haven't seen it on our Instagram page, we spent the better part of Friday afternoon unloading the 1,000 pounds of pork we just got back from the butcher!  That doesn't include all the smoked pork that we'll pickup next Friday...another 300 or so pounds.

I knew all those hours (days, more likely) spent playing Tetris would pay off eventually, fitting it all into our freezers was challenge I had been training for ;)

So, as you guessed, we are fully stocked in pork again: thick cut and regular chops, hickory smoked bacon (belly, jowl, and English cuts), fresh pork belly, roasts, smoked pork chops, cutlets, smoked hocks, ribs (spare and baby back), and so on.  These were very large pigs, so the meat is beautifully marbled for tender flavorful meat.

Our next a la carte orders will be delivered next Friday, November 16th to Genesis Farm, then on Sunday, November 18th to Chester, Madison, and South Orange (busy day!).  Please note that this will be our last delivery before Thanksgiving, so be sure to plan ahead- we have plenty of recipe ideas if you want to try something different this year: sausage stuffing, bacon wrapped anything, meatball appetizers, deviled eggs...

The Stroudsburg, PA farmers market has moved indoors for the winter, and continues through the New Year's every Saturday, from 9am-Noon, so you can see us there every week too.

Ryan & Liz

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