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Weekend Markets

Posted 9/21/2018 6:08pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All-

It's beginning to feel like Fall- oh boy!  Fall is one of my favorite seasons, between the cooler temperatures, earlier nights, leaf colors, there's much to enjoy!

One thing you can enjoy is our annual Fall Farm Potluck- a simple celebration of the farming year, and the people (that's you) who make up the community of local farm supporters.  Save the date for Saturday, October 6th between 2pm-6pm.  We'll have farm tours to see the animals, and mushrooms, and the husbandry that goes with each.  Our sow, Mrs. Hatterton, gave birth to 10 lively piglets, we have 230+ laying hens in their new and improved mobile coop on wheels, 30 sheep, a dozen other pigs of various sizes, 4 types of mushrooms growing.  There's lots to see!  Bring a dish or beverage to share if you can, we'll get some beer and local apple cider, and we're working on getting some live music again- if you're interested in playing, let us know!

Farmers markets are still happening this weekend- Stroudsburg, PA on Saturday between 8-Noon, and then over to Chester, NJ on Sunday, 10am-3pm.  

The last day of the Chester market is on September 30th, and we will be setting the dates soon for our winter deliveries to happen every other week, so you can continue to get our various products after the farmer's market closes.  More on that later...simply put, we deliver orders that you place with us to Chester every other week for you to meet us and pick up.

See you soon!

Ryan & Liz

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