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Fall Season CSA Signups Begin

Posted 8/8/2018 1:16pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

Now that the flood waters have receded a bit (4" of rain overnight!), I can take the time to let everyone know that Fall Traditional CSA signups have begun for the September-December season.

You're probably familiar with how a vegetable CSA works- pay a farmer at the beginning of the season for a weekly box of groceries.  Our meat & egg CSA is the same, just that we do a once a month delivery to a site of your choosing.


CSA is great for you:

  • Many folks just want to experience truly fresh food and have an appetite for a variety not available at the supermarket
  • To some families it’s about interacting with nature, visiting the farm and experiencing life on the farm and helping children learn how their food is grown 
  • For some it’s about reducing the amount of food miles your food travels, and the amount of fossil fuels that is used to transport your food, (your average vegetable travels over 1500 miles before it’s consumed).
  • Transparency: you get to meet the farmers producing your food. You can ask questions about how it's produced, or visit the farm to see for yourself.
  • Many of our families enjoy the community environment where like-minded people share recipes, ideas and experiences.


CSA is great for the farmer:

  • Farm finances are tight by nature, so having some cash flow from CSA members in the season is vital to many farmers.  Raising animals on pasture takes time and is an big investment before you get a single cut of meat back from the butcher- an average pig eats 600 pounds of grain before going to freezer camp!
  • It helps reduce waste as we know in advance how much to produce, keeping our costs down, which we pass on to you in savings.

Read more about of share options and sizes here, as well as our monthly delivery sites.  As always, 5% for farm pickups with no set date, for your added convenience.

We also offer a farm credit account, for more shopping options and delivery choice. 

Email or call us with any questions you might have, we're here to help!

Ryan & Liz

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