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Delivery Weekend

Posted 1/25/2018 4:01pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All-

Hoping this finds you well at the end of January (really?!)- where does the time go?  

Things are starting to pick up a bit here at the farm, lots of planning for the upcoming season.  We are getting some more piglets Friday, and we have placed a few orders to expand our laying flock of chickens to 90 birds for this summer- we're even going to do a test batch of egg laying ducks this year!  

Preparations for expanding our log-grown mushrooms are starting as well, with some good old fashioned forestry- by cutting down some trees.  Selectively thinning trees which are not valuable for timber improves the health and vigor of the overall forest.  We then use these trees to grow mushrooms on- yum!

Mushrooms will be available starting early May.

It is a delivery weekend for meat and eggs, so place your orders online or call/email/text them in, and we'll deliver to Washington on Saturday 10-Noon, and to Chester on Sunday, 10-Noon.  While we are sold out of whole chicken, we have plenty of chicken breasts, thighs, and wings available- as well as whole duck- cooking a whole duck is simple- just roast it like a chicken!


Thanks for your support!

Ryan & Liz

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