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Fully Stocked & Delivery Weekend

Posted 11/8/2017 1:56pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All- Welcome to November!  All of sudden, between the frosty mornings, fast sunsets, and dropping leaves, Fall has decided to show up out of the blue.  Then again, we were a bit spoiled with 65 degree days last week...

We have been busy filling every nook and cranny of our freezers with the 900 pounds of pork we just got back from our butcher!  No small feat indeed.

  • We again have- pork chops, sweet & hot Italian sausages, spare ribs
  • New- pork cutlets: 1/2" thick pork cutlets- so quick and easy to cook, you can't go wrong!  Shake & bake, or pound thin, bread and sauté in a pan, use for pork scallopini or schnitzel.
  • New- Chorizo sausage- Add some spice to your plate, but not too much.  Very flavorful with just the right amount of heat.  Comes as a single dinner-sized link, but you can cut the casing and sauté the meat for tacos or chili.
  • New- Tenderloin- A prime cut, extremely tender and flavorful.  Each tenderloin is approximately 1 pound, 1 tenderloin per pack.
  • Bacon should be ready in time for this weekend's drop offs, but I'll let you know Friday.

It is a drop-off weekend for Washington & Chester, so be sure to get your orders in early, as it's first come, first served.  Shop on our website, text, call or email your questions and orders.  We can help with cooking ideas, tips, and recipes.

It is also the last delivery before Thanksgiving, so plan ahead!  Think appetizers (sausages, bacon-wrapped anything), sides (sausage stuffing), and main courses (roast duck, stuffed pork loin wrapped in bacon).  Bacon-wrapped turkey?  Yes Please!

I'm noticing a theme...

Ryan & Liz

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