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Deliveries & Early Bird CSA Discount

Posted 3/23/2017 5:42pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

As per usual, Spring (though it may not feel like it...) means things at the farm really start to ramp up.  While we haven't seen any actual ramps (the vegetable) just yet, we have chicks and ducklings under the brooder, vegetable seedlings under lights in the basement, and our first lamb was born the other day.  Liz has been posting loads of photos & videos of him, and the rest of the farm, on our Instagram and Facebook pages**.

A quick reminder that it's time for another weekend delivery to Washington on Saturday & Chester on Sunday.  Place an order through our online store, and we deliver it to the same location as our Summer farm markets for you to pick up between 10AM-Noon.  Remember that Easter is fast approaching, and we do have a limited quantity of 100% grass fed, pasture-reared lamb roasts and chops available.

It's also the last weekend for our Early Bird CSA discount- sign up by Sunday night for a CSA subscritption for May-August, and receive a 5% discount.  CSA purchasing is arguably the best way to support local agriculture.  CSA members always get priority on our products that frequently sell out at farmer markets since they purchased in advance.

Learn more about our CSA offerings and drop off locations. 

Ryan & Liz

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** Yes, I know the photo here is a piglet- 'cause he cute too!!

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