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Spring CSA Signups Begin!

Posted 3/18/2017 3:35pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

CSA subscription signups have begun for the May-August season. Receive an automatic 5% discount if you join before next Sunday, March 26th.  Returning members get 5% off no matter when you re-join, as a thanks for your ongoing support!

Get a free chicken!  We'll give you one of our pasture raised chickens as a thanks when you get one of your friends or family members to join as a new CSA member.

Some new additions and changes for this Spring:

  • Popular pork cuts: Receive only our greatest sellers each month: pork chops, bacon, & pork sausage.
  • Flexible Payments:  You can choose to pay your invoice all at once, or pay 50% now, and 50% mid-season.  We can also set up other payment plans at your request
  • We have lengthened the season to four months instead of three
  • Panther Valley residential pickup for those living in that development
  • We had to cancel the Crewe Hill drop site- We encourage those members to select Chester

Things we continues to offer:

  • Numerous share sizes to choose from: options for a single cook to a family of 6
  • Nitrate-free Bacon add-on: choose 1 or 2lb a month to an existing meat share
  • Raw Honey add-on: choose 8oz or 1lb a month added to an existing meat share
  • Flexible farm pickup with 5% off: you pick the date & time

CSA membership helps both the customer, you get local and ethically raised meats with minimal effort & shopping time, and the farmer, paying for your order in advance significantly helps farm finance!  It's a great way to invest in local food and community.  CSA members get priority on our products- you get first dibs on eggs, bacon, and other common items we sell out of at farmer's markets.

Learn more about:

Any and all questions are always welcome, we're glad to help as we know that CSA purchasing might be new to many of you.

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Ryan & Liz

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