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Snow & Delivery Weekend

Posted 2/10/2017 2:23pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

Hopefully everyone's doing well with our random weather from this past week- it was 55F on Wednesday, then 15F and snowing 24 hours later!  Wednesday was a flurry (sorry for the pun) of activity for us, getting ready for the storm- nothing like a foot of impending snow to get one motivated!

First up was a 'pallet palace' for the sheep.  We have a source for free pallets in town, and have been meaning to build a shelter for lambing this Spring, so we can now check that off the chore list.  We also topped up everyone's feed and water, got the tractor ready for plowing, and picked up a pile of DVD's from the library. 





The toughness of these sheep never ceases to amaze me- you can see where one of them bedded down in the snow for the night, even though there's plenty of room and fresh bedding in their palace 10 feet away.  And the warmth of their coats is to be envied- these girls are hardcore, especially considering their a month away from giving birth!

The pigs, on the other hand, are a bit more sensible- much like us, they stayed in their house until the storm blew over, looking at me every time I checked on them from the warmth of their shelter as if to say, "Do I have to come out?"  Once the snow stopped, they were all out romping and playing in the snow!

















We have our bi-weekly deliveries to Washington on this coming Saturday, and to Chester on Sunday- both between 10a-Noon.  Put your order in online, or email us with any questions or special requests. 


Ryan & Liz

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